Answers to Your Questions

1. What about pricing?

We treat each assignment on an individual basis taking in mind the customer's needs, desires and budget. We strive to offer the most down to earth charges and we tend to over-deliver rather than providing our clientele with just the bare minimum. We strongly suggest to everyone of you to arrange an appointment with us in order to discuss your needs and come up with a price that will fit right into your budget with respect to you and to our work.

During our appointment we will present you with our portfolio to see if our style meets your expectations and discuss any specific needs that apply to each individual assignment.

We have done a fair amount of wedding photo-shoots and we have treated every single one of them individually. Our goal is to maintain an absolute high quality level of work and to keep you happy and satisfied for life!

2. What is your style?

Our portfolio is self explanatory but if you would like to put it in words then what we do will be best described as "photo-journalistic" or plainly speaking "candid" photography. We are discreet, in the moment and on the spot with an eye for detail and precision for the decisive moment.

3. How many of you are there?

Depending on the size of your wedding and your budget our team consists of at least two photographers that can be expanded up to five, each with a vision and a specific task in hand.

We can offer everything from Ultra High Quality DSLR shooting, to Film Photography and go as far as Leica Rangefinders and Medium Format Sessions.

4. What about video?

We work with Cyprus's finest Cinematographers and we can direct you to the appropriate artists for your cinematography needs.

5. How soon do we need to reserve our date?

As soon as possible but at least 3 months in advance.

6. How will we reserve our wedding date? 

Once you have made your decision, you then need to give us 1/3 of the amount agreed as a deposit after which your date is fully reserved and we will not accept any other clients for that date. The balance is due when the photos are delivered. 

7. Do you charge extra for travel? 

Yes. If the location is over 30 minutes drive from Nicosia then there will be a small additional charge. 

8. How long will you stay with us on our wedding day? 

Normally we will wait until all the key moments of the reception and dinner are done with, and then leave sometime during the dancing, when we feel we have enough images for your story (usually around 12 am or slightly longer). If the couple wishes us to stay later than 1 am, depending on the package, there might be a small additional charge that will be agreed beforehand. 

9. How long will it take to get our images? 

Your images will be ready within 4-6 weeks of your wedding depending on how long was the wedding. For example, if the wedding preparations started at or before 12 pm and we stay until or after 12 am, it is likely to take up to 6 weeks as there will be many photographs to go through and edit.   

10. Will the images be edited? 

All images are individually assessed for color and tone, and edited appropriately. If after presenting the photos, the couple wishes to edit some of the photos differently, this will be done at no extra cost. 

11. Will we get the negatives? 

 No, we do not deliver raw files or film negatives but you will get the edited high-resolution digital files. 

12. What is the procedure?

First we arrange to meet for a coffee to present you with our portfolio, discuss your individual needs and understand the vision you have for your special day.

Besides discussing the needs and wants of the customer, we also provide a list for the formals to avoid missing an important photo. This list must be filled in by the couple and sent to us prior to the wedding electronically.

After our initial meeting we then proceed to an arranged meet-up photo-shoot in a location that we agree on and we take some (or a lot!) pictures that serve the purpose of getting acquainted with each other and you feeling comfortable with us. This bonding is a major step in our process and will build trust and comfort between the couple and the photographers.

Then comes the wedding day. We are with you from the beginning of the bride and groom preparations to the final moments of your party, discreetly capturing moments and ensuring that we create the memories worth of a lifetime.

13. Why is wedding photography so expensive? 

A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as just the 10-14 hours the photographer shoots on the day. But by our calculations, we spend over 60 hours on each wedding. Right from the first contact, the subsequent meetings, emails and phone calls, the hours start piling up. On a typical wedding we shoot over 4000-5000 photos which then must be filtered out to remove photos with closed eyes or if blurry and then comes in the editing part. One of the reasons our photos are unique is because we don't apply mass editing settings to all photos and go photo by photo and edit each one individually. This is why it takes such a long time to edit photos and adds to the cost. 

14. Do you do only Wedding Photography?

No, we also specialize in family portraiture, baptisms and large events. Do not hesitate to contact us for any of your photography needs. 

Disclaimer: By booking, the couple acknowledges that they are familiar with our portfolio and are requesting services with knowledge of our style; that Photographer’s work is constantly evolving; that the Photographer’s services are of unique and artistic nature; that the photos may be different from photographs taken by the Photographer in the past; and that in creating the photos, the Photographer shall use his/her personal artistic judgement to create images consistent with their personal vision of the Event, which vision may be different from the Client’s vision of the Event. Accordingly, Client acknowledges that the Photos shall not be subject to rejection on the basis of taste or aesthetic criteria.

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